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Moving Up!

After 15 years at the 1 High Street Hartley Wintney, McCarthy Holden’s local branch is moving up to a prime position in the centre of Hartley Wintney village.

We will open our new Hartley Wintney branch in early 2021, after leaving our current branch in December. This move will mean we will have more people visiting our property showroom and best of all the vast spaces at the new premises will mean enhanced customer experiences, whether house hunting or selling / letting .

No running water, toilets, kitchen or electricity supply!

Because we are creating a new commercial unit from space which formed part of the And So To Bed showroom, it means there isn’t any running water, no toilets or kitchen and no electricity supply! Apart from these essentials the premises is perfect.

The scale of the work required to create an independent stand alone commercial unit means there is lots of work going on behind out temporary window displace and facia sign. Thanks to the efforts of local builders Perry Builders, progress is fast, but the weather is against us when it comes to exterior refurbishment and re-decoration.

The new address is 61 High Street, Hartley Wintney RG27 8NY. Our telephone number will stay the same.

We are very committed to a local shop front as part of our marketing mix and with an estimated 25% of sales still created by off street visitors, any agency relying on web only marketing is missing out.

We look forward to seeing customers visit in the new year and really look forward to normal accessibility once Covid is a thing of the past.

high street hartley wintney

Want to Make the Switch to an Electric Vehicle? Here’s what you Need to Know

New announcements mean EVs will be an even more common sight on our roads, but what do you need to know about them? Jack Evans takes a look.

The announcement by Boris Johnson that sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans will be phased out by 2030 means electric vehicles are going to become a more important part of our driving lives very soon.

But even with this change, for many drivers, there remains a level of mystery surrounding all things electric.

Want to make the switch to an electric vehicle but unsure what it all really means? Here’s some of the key things you need to know about making the leap to an EV…

How much range do you need?

Range is a word with great importance in the EV world, as it’s what governs how far you’ll be able to travel in between trips to the plug. However, there’s no need to get worried about a car’s range if you think carefully about how far you travel.

If you’re someone who only does shorter trips around town and clocks up fewer than 100 miles a week for instance, then a car with a shorter range will suit you down the ground. However, If you’re a driver who travels further afield, then a car with a bigger battery might make more sense.

Don’t be scared of cars with shorter ranges though, as they’ll still offer more than most people do on average each week. Plus, cars with smaller batteries offer quicker charge times.

How do I add charge when I get home?

Home charging is one of the crucial aspects of owning and running an electric car. Being able to add energy to the vehicle while it’s at your home really does make things a lot more flexible – and cheaper too.

Whenever you buy a new car, there are incentives in place for charging at home. Government grants and even manufacturer schemes will make installing a home wallbox much cheaper. Yes, you can use a three-pin socket, but this isn’t as quick nor as safe as having a wallbox.

Will it actually be cheaper to buy and run an electric car?

Of course, the initial upfront cost for an EV is often more than an equivalent internal combustion-engine car. However, as the technology progresses, this is becoming less common. The new Renault Zoe, for instance, is priced from £26,495, which though still relatively expensive is more in line with the segment.

In the Prime Minister’s announcement, he also outlined up to £582 million in extra grants to help those buying zero or low-emissions vehicles to lower the cost.

It’s charging where the cost savings really come into play. As with petrol, the prices do vary between chargers, with some costing from around 25p/kWh up to around 35p/kWh. For around 100 miles of additional charge, you’ll be looking at about £6-7.

When it comes to charging at home, that really depends on your own energy tariff. Plenty of companies are now offering EV-friendly plans which take advantage of lower priced charging times, such as in the middle of the night. However, for an average EV with around 200 miles of range and a 60kWh battery, you’ll be looking at around £8.40 for a full charge. It represents good value compared with petrol and diesel.

Are there any other less obvious benefits?

Though the cost-saving benefits are quite easy to see, there are some other positives to owning an electric car. One of them is simply refinement; EVs are quiet and, therefore, relaxing to drive around in. You’ll notice quite the difference compared with a petrol or diesel car.

Another positive is performance. Even lower-powered EVs really zip away from the line, and they give acceleration that regular cars simply can’t hope to match.

But isn’t the UK lacking in charge points?

The number of charging stations in the UK has grown massively in recent years. According to ZapMap, there are 35,308 connectors across the country, made up of 20,217 charge points in 12,733 locations. There were 431 new connectors added to Zap Map’s database in the last 30 days, in fact.

In terms of how they’re spread out across the country, 26% are in central London alone, with 13.5% in the south east and 12.3% in Scotland. This figure is only set to rise too, as government funding looks to make fast chargers more widespread across the country.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister has stated in his 10-point plan that an extra £1.3 billion in investment will be rolled out in order to improve the country’s charging structure in order to make charging easier.

Doesn’t the energy for electric cars only come from fossil fuels anyway?

Of course, an electric vehicle is only as environmentally friendly as its energy source. However, many energy and charger unit suppliers are working to ensure that their energy comes from green suppliers. All of BP Chargemaster’s charging stations, for example, are certified as providing renewable energy while home energy providers like Octopus Energy provide power, which is completely green.

10 Ways to Have a Cheaper and Greener Christmas

Vicky Shaw reveals how you can help your wallet and the planet when celebrating this year.

Overspending is a big concern for households as Christmas approaches.

This has been a huge year of change and, as part of that, people have been thinking about their impact on the planet.

So, if you’re looking to spend more mindfully this festive season, whether it’s for budgeting or environmental reasons – or a combination of both – here are some tips from Shaunagh Duncan, sustainability lead at green energy company Bulb…

1. Cut the waste

It’s common to overspend when buying ingredients for Christmas lunch, resulting in large amounts of waste.

If you follow a recipe, it might state how many people the dish serves and you can shop accordingly, so you’re less likely to overspend and create unnecessary waste – particularly if you’re cooking for a smaller group than usual.

For any food waste you do generate, try to make use of the food compost and green waste bins. You can even use some waste to grow your own plants – try planting an avocado stone or growing tomatoes from the seeds of supermarket veg.

2. Avoid plastic wrapping

Go for loose fruit and vegetables, which are often cheaper than packaged ones. Many high street and independent supermarkets also offer ‘wonky’ fruit and veg, which are cheaper than regular items, but just as delicious and nutritious.

3. Try buying local

This can be more cost effective and helps to support local businesses, while reducing transport emissions.

If your Christmas is going to be very different this year, you could also try eating something different.

By swapping red meat for more vegetarian recipes on Christmas Day, you could reduce your carbon footprint and also save money. Or if you can’t give up the turkey and pigs in blankets, try cutting down on red meat in the run-up to the big day instead.

4. Cover your pots with lids when cooking

And only boil the amount of water you actually need – these little hacks go a long way, and can help reduce your energy bills.

5. Rent a Christmas tree

Rather than buying a tree that could end up out with the bins in January, you could consider renting a Christmas tree. That way, you can enjoy it over the festive season, then the tree gets picked up after the holidays and returned to a farm.

If you have a garden, another option is to plant your Christmas tree in between seasons and use it again each Christmas – which will save you buying a tree every year.

6. Consider eco gift wrapping and e-cards

Reusing gift wrap from last Christmas can cut costs and waste. You can also get creative with your wrapping, using old magazines and spare fabric.

Try sending e-cards this year, too, or make your own using paper and materials lying around the house.

If you do opt for shop-bought wrapping paper or cards, then try to avoid ones with glitter made from plastic.

7. Use energy-saving Christmas lights

Energy-saving LED lights are available from many online stores or garden centres. You could also switch to solar-powered outdoor lights, which can be operated on a timer. If the average household replaced all of their bulbs with LEDs, they could potentially save £40 a year on bills.

8. Shop mindfully

Whether it’s online or in person, try to be mindful of how, when and where you shop. There’s often a pressure to buy gifts for people unnecessarily. Although this comes with good intentions, it can lead to overspending and more waste sent to landfill. You could also try to limit the number of different online deliveries to your home, to help reduce vehicle emissions and excess packaging. It could also save you from paying multiple delivery charges, which can all add up, too.

9. Give presents that last

Examples of thoughtful and long-lasting presents could include a houseplant or a memory photo album. Buying ‘gift experience’ vouchers to be used some time in the future could also help support local businesses at a time when they need it most.

10. Consider switching energy provider

At this time of year, households’ energy consumption is particularly high. So, you could switch to a cheaper tariff or provider. You could also consider a renewable energy supplier as a way of going green.

Touch of Luxe: 15 Gorgeous Home and Decor Gifts

Sam Wylie-Harris seeks out stylish homewares and decadent decos to pop under the tree for your favourite natty nester this Christmas.

Home is where the heart is – and this year more than ever, they deserve to be shown some love.

Gorgeous gifts to put some razzle-dazzle into daily life will delight decor divas and house-proud types. We’ve scoured the shops for the best buys at a range of price points to bring a little wonder and festive flair.

Whether you’re treating yourself to a divine deco or gifting something swish to a loved one, all the gifts on this luxe list are bound to bring tidings of comfort and joy…

1. Anton Studio Designs Set of 2 Soho Wine Glasses and Champagne Flutes, £19.96 each (were £24.95), and Set of 2 Soho DOF Tumblers, £15.96 (were £19.95), available in Gold, Silver and Bronze, Not Just Jugs

We all love to drink with our eyes and this elegant, long-stemmed glitzy glassware with co-ordinating tumblers is tailor-made for champagne cocktails and party drinks.

2. Darling! Heart Espresso Cups Lavender/Rose Set of 2, £24, Bombay Duck

Love coffee? Give it your best shot with these cute espresso cups trimmed with gold.

3. Etched Palm Cheese Knives Set of Three, £27.50, Oliver Bonas

Think island time, long lazy lunches and a holiday cheese board… these decorative palm stainless steel cheese knives make the cut.

4. Leopard Vases – Wall Mounted, £34, and Standing Tall, £55, Audenza

We’re wild about these luxuriant leopard vases. Made from hand-painted stoneware and versatile enough to hold your best bouquet or faux foliage, think of the roars of delight when one of these is let loose.

5. Pineapple Ice Bucket, £37, Graham & Green

Counting down to Happy Hour, we’re going troppo over this quirky Tiki inspired ice bucket to glam up a drinks trolley or tray.

6. Argos Home 12 Piece Dinner Set – Floral, £38, Argos

These blousy blooms are so eye-catching, anyone who’s into tablescaping will be inspired.

7. Cuisinart Wine Opener, £45, Cuisinart

The supercar of bottle openers, this Cuisinart removes any cork at the touch of a button and comes with a foil cutter and vacuum sealer, so you have the option to save a top drop for the next day. Fully charged, it can open around 80 bottles within six to eight hours. Va-va-vino!

8. Orla Kiely Dachshund Shaped Vase, £50 (other various shapes from a selection), Amara

Anyone who’s into growing their own herbs or planting cuttings will appreciate this fun vase. Slim enough to sit on a window sill or desk, we love the happy-go-lucky colour too.

9. John Whaite Nested Bowls, £60, Fenella Smith

As any baker worth their pastry chef hat knows one bowl is never enough. This chic ceramic trio in sugar-pink is designed by presenter and former Bake Off winner John Whaite. Edged in foil, they should inspire the poshest pâtisserie.

10. 24 Carat Gold Black Luxury Candle Gift, £75, The Luxe Candle Company

Give the gift of gold, frankincense and myrrh… this exotic, spicy, woody scent promises a sense of luxurious wellbeing with base notes of musk and amber in the mix. Made from soy wax and topped with 24K gold leaf, it comes gorgeously gift-boxed with a velvet dust bag.

11. Icon Sabrina Spikey Faux Fur Throw – Wine, £79.99, Beanbag Bazaar

Majestic in magenta, not only will this fabulous faux fur throw not slip off the bed or sofa arm, it’s soft enough to snuggle into with a glass of mulled wine, sweetened by thoughts of the next mince pie.

12. The White Company Set of 2 Diffuser Oils & Electronic Diffuser, £80, The White Company

Why faff about scenting reeds when you can flick a switch and softly scent and surround in minutes? The diva of diffusers, simply add a couple of drops of relaxing oil and ta-da! Includes The White Company’s bestselling Sleep and Spa Restore.

13. Alabaster Marble Bookends, £80, The French Bedroom Company

You don’t need to be a bookworm to appreciate these solid-marble book-shaped bookends. Made from alabaster marble and polished by hand for a silky smooth finish, they’re worthy of a stylish shelfie and will frame everything beautifully.

14. Hare Lamp with Black Shade, £139.95, and Faux Fur Gold Stool, £129.95 (chair from a selection), Audenza

Top of our wish list, Santa Baby, slip a faux fur gold stool and lavish lamp under the tree, for me. A real statement hero piece, we’re just as smitten with the sumptuous stool as we are the handsome hare.

15. SMEG Lavazza A Modo Mio – Black, £199, Daniel Stores

Budding baristas will feel right at home with the latest model from Lavazza. The coffee giant has teamed up with SMEG to bring us this A-list domestic appliance, which channels iconic retro styling with Italian flair for true, authentic coffee. Bellissima!

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