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Client commendations are a welcome indicator of service levels

“Behind the high standards of marketing, I found a combination of work ethic and professional honesty in every aspect of dealing with McCarthy Holden. Most importanly, you always strive to get the best result for us your client. From a vendors perspective this is really important.”

It’s Personal – People & Property

In the delivery of our estate agency services, our objective is to direct the power of innovative marketing and the skill of experienced property personnel into achieving the best possible result for our clients.

To achieve this objective our service is underpinned with a strong sense of values, and I don’t refer to the obvious association of valuing property. No, for me the delivery of our service is personal whereby I want representatives of McCarthy Holden to treat all our customers with courtesy and a positive service attitude, inexorably intertwined with honesty and professionalism which I believe should form the backbone of corporate service delivery.

This combination of work ethic and professional honesty is deep rooted by way of the example set to me by my parents, hence naming the company McCarthy Holden which is a mix of my father’s name and my mother’s maiden name. Despite the scale and size of the business today, I strive not to lose sight of these important values and motivations and I am fortunate in having a team of experienced operational directors and staff who share these objectives.

The company has a strong marketing bias – in the 1980’s we were the first UK agency to include floor plans in domestic property sales brochures and, now in the 21st century we continue to push the boundaries with innovations such as property film tours using video web streaming.

When selecting your preferred agent I would ask you to consider not just fees as the differentiation factor, but to also consider details of marketing, experience and the intrinsic values of the company you appoint to represent you.

I sincerely hope McCarthy Holden will qualify in all aspects and not only achieve your expectations, but indeed exceed expectations in the delivery of our service.


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