We are committed to providing a professional service to all our clients. When something goes wrong, we need you to tell us about it. If that happens, we are committed to resolving matters promptly and fairly. For ease, we have detailed our complaints procedure below. 

Step 1

 Please write to the Branch Manager with details of your complaint setting out clearly the reasons for your grievance together with any supporting evidence. This will be acknowledged within three working days enclosing a copy of this procedure for your records. 

Step 2

 The Branch Manager will review your complaint, carry out any necessary staff interviews, investigate telephone recordings and file note archives. Once completed, you will receive a formal written response within 15 working days of receiving the complaint. 

Step 3

 Should you remain dissatisfied with the Branch Manager’s response you may write to one of our Directors, where a separate review will take place.

Nicky Bremner or Samantha Holden [email protected]

Once the review is complete you will receive a formal written response within 15 working days, confirming our final viewpoint on the matter. 

Step 4

 Should you remain dissatisfied after receiving our final viewpoint, then you may refer the complaint to The Property Ombudsman to request an independent review: The Property Ombudsman Ltd, Milford House, 43-45 Milford Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2BP (01722) 333306

Please note: You will need to submit your complaint to The Property Ombudsman within 12 months of receiving our final viewpoint letter, including any evidence to support your case.

The Property Ombudsman requires that all complaints are addressed through this in-house complaints procedure, before being submitted for an independent review. 

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