What a difference a day makes with house sales


When is comes to house sales everything can change in a single day, so we invest a great deal of time in chasing sales once they have been agreed and with a large brach such as our Fleet office, we have a dedicated person whose sole job is chasing and progressing house sales. 

This investment is important, because keeping on top of a chain breakdown or a slow solicitor or selling agent in the chain of property sales will make the difference between a sale going through in good time or drifting, which is important especially when job moves or education matters frequently have time critical aspects to them. 

Our customers feel reassure in the knowledge that we invest in this service aspect and here is part of a commendation letter from a customer which sums up the essence of the benefits 

“We then had the pleasure of working with David, whose level of expertise in progressing the sale was even commented on by our solicitors and meant issues were often overcome without our intervention.” 

“Every time we called or turned up in the office the team knew who we were and welcomed us warmly.”

“Not only are Ben, David and everyone else in the office good at what they do, they were also a joy to deal with and went out of their way to help.  It felt as if we were one big team trying to make our dream come true, which indeed it did. Thank you.”

S.F. - Hampshire

So if you are think of selling a property why not contact you nearest branch for a free valuation today.

The video extract below is from a customer who moved from Aversely to Bath and their insight about sales progression also sums up the importance of regular sales progression.


What a difference a day makes in property sales from John Joe (Photography and Video) on Vimeo.