News for Residential Landlords about legislation changes


Residential Landlords need to be aware of recent changes in legislation, regarding their obligations in respect of the legionella virus. Landlords of residential accommodation are now responsible for taking up risk assessments in order to combat Legionnaires' Disease. property let-by-blog-feb-2015

Health and Safety legislation requires landlords to carry out risk assessments for the Legionella bacteria which cause Legionnaires' Disease and continue to maintain control measures to minimise the risk. Most rented properties will be low risk but it is important that risk assessments are carried out and control measures introduced. 

Further advice is available from the Health & Safety Executive -

 McCarthy Holden and similar letting agencies DO NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILTY for carrying out risk assessments on a property, so we suggest that this is carried out by Landlords prior to renting out a property and then regularly thereafter. Landlords are responsible for making sure that the risks involving Legionella are properly assessed and controlled. Landlords assume all responsibility for compliance on this matter.

Landlords are able to carry out risk assessments if they are competent or can instruct a suitable contractor to do so on their behalf and a copy of any relevant paperwork should be forwarded to the managing agent.

Tenants must also be advised of their obligations to ensure that they advise the landlord/Agent of any changes they notice to the hot and cold water systems together with any changes to the water. They must also ensure shower heads are cleaned and disinfected at least every 6 months and regularly flush through any outlets that are not used regularly (ie: on a weekly Basis).

McCarthy Holden have spoken to Ultimate Plumbing and Heating who have advised that they could carry out this assessment currently at a cost of £100 (vat inc) to check the system and complete a initial risk assessment. A review would then cost £60 if required. (vat inc), so if you would like us to put you in touch with someone from Ultimate Plumbing please contact our office on 01252 622550 .