Taking the hassle out of Buying

In some ways it’s what you will not find at McCarthy Holden which distinguishes this agency as something different. For example you will not be badgered and pressurised into buying financial services. There is a distinct absence of inexperience and waffle, but instead a very real focus on professional negotiating.

In representing our clients (vendors), we deliver a service to potential purchasers underpinned by a desire to treat all of our customers with honesty, respect and courtesy.

Buyers will be able to receive fast efficient delivery of services, providing information by interactive web, email, telephone and one to one meetings within one of our high street branches.

For the record we do not encourage or agree with gazumping nor gazundering! By law, we have to submit every offer to our clients and unfortunately from time to time these two distasteful activities can occur. Instead, we firmly believe in the integrity of deal making, whereby both parties to a transaction should strive to deliver what was agreed at the outset, normally a purchase/sale arriving at exchanged within an agreed time scale.

Above all, we encourage you to talk to our negotiators because the closer the working relationship the more likely it will be for you to be one of the first to know about property new to the market. Furthermore, there are many occasions where a property is sold discreetly off market without any internet exposure, so the more we are aware of you and your needs, the more likely it is that you will be first in our thoughts for one of those gems.

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